Frequently Asked Questions2019-05-20T17:49:31-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my next offer?2019-05-20T13:38:35-06:00

Deals go out each day to different members depending on the number of offers available for that particular day, and how long it has been since you have received an offer. The idea is to give each member a fair chance at the offers. When you are eligible to receive the next offer it will appear in your Messenger chat or your email in box.

Can I share these offers with my friends?2019-05-20T17:52:43-06:00

Normally there are very few rebate offers available each day for a particular item and they will be claimed by members.  Of course we’d love it if you told your friends about the great deals you get here!  Just ask them to join us on Messenger, like our Facebook page or subscribe.

Do I have to review the products?2019-05-20T13:39:05-06:00

Our promotion partners are Amazon sellers and manufacturers who are trying to get the word out about their products, and also get feedback from you.  Your participation in the review process is not required.  However, member who do participate will generally receive rebate offers more frequently.

Can I claim more than one offer at a time?2019-05-20T13:39:19-06:00

Each offer is different, but generally our offers are limited to One unit per household and per Amazon account.  We deal fairly with you and we expect you to deal fairly with us and our sponsors.  If you violate the terms of the offer, you will not receive any future offers from Flash Deals Daily.

What if I don’t like the product?2019-05-20T13:39:37-06:00

Please keep in mind that you ultimately received this item for FREE.  If you don’t like the product for yourself, consider giving it as a gift, or donating it to someone who could benefit.  If the product turns out to be defective, provide feedback to us when the opportunity arises (usually a week after your purchase) and then just dispose of the unit.

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